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What is the difference between bottled water and water filtration?

Where with bottled water, you receive water in large or small bottles, water filtration utilizes a standing cooler that filters tap water. For a low monthly rental, you receive a state-of-the-art piece of equipment that supplies an endless supply of cold and hot water. No bottles to lift and store, and you never run out of water.


What is involved in the filtration process?

AppSprings’ filtration coolers use top of the line filters from Everpure, the industry leader in water filtration. Beginning with sediment removal and ending with submicron filtration and eventual polishing for taste, odor, and turbidity, our filters are ANSI/NSF approved for standards 42 and 53. Our coolers also incorporate BioCote, a silver-ion coating on the exterior that prevents bacteria from growing. Some of our coolers even feature in-tank-sanitation using ultra violet lights in the cold tank.


What is included with my water filtration service?

Everything from installation of the cooler, maintenance, filter swaps, and service calls…even cooler replacement if needed.


How often do I need to change the filter?

When the flow of your water slows, or you are concerned with the quality of your water, just give us a call.


Do I pay for each filter swap?

No, we allow for two filter swaps per year, at no charge. Although highly irregular, if you need more than two filter changes per year, we only charge for our cost of the filter.


What if the cooler stops cooling or heating my water?

First, check the switch near the top of the rear of the machine. If it is on, call us at (843) 744-3338 and tell us the symptoms of the cooler, and we will have a technician stop by to make any repairs needed or swap the cooler for another unit.


What happens if I discover a water leak in my cooler?

Although rare, it can happen. IF you notice a leak coming from the cooler, look behind the cooler for the water line leading into it. You will see a blue and white valve- it only turns one way 1/4 turn. By turning the valve, you will stop the flow of the water to the cooler. Once done, call AppSprings at (843) 744-3338 and we will have a technician out immediately. If the leak continues or you can’t find the valve behind the cooler, trace the water line back to its source (usually under a sink nearby) and cut the water off at that valve.


What are the advantages of using water filtration over bottled water?

With a filtration cooler, you eliminate the need for bottles. You no longer need to lift full bottles or store them, and you never run out of water! With a low monthly rental, your cost with filtration is almost always lower than with bottled water and your bill will not fluctuate from summer to winter. The elimination of the bottles combined with fewer deliveries or trips to your location makes it the green way to enjoy cold and hot purified water.


Can I install a water filtration cooler in my home?

No, AppSprings does not currently install filtration coolers in homes.