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What is Private Label?

Private label is where AppSprings puts YOUR info on the bottle. You can hand it out for advertising that puts a billboard in every potential customer’s hand, sell it for a profit, or sell it for just enough to cover your cost, giving you free advertisement!


How do I get pricing, product information on private label?

Call us at (843) 744-3338 for information or a custom quote tailored to your needs.


How long does it take to get private label?

“Turnaround” time is longer than most people think. It usually takes six weeks from the approval of art (your label design) to delivered product.


Do I have to design my label myself?

No, AppSprings supplies artists at no charge who can compile a design for you. However, if you have an art department or the ability to create your own design, you are welcome to do so.


If AppSprings is creating the label design for me, what do I need to supply?

If you have a logo that you would like to appear on the label, you can email it to us; the higher the resolution the file is, the better. “Vectored” art or files in Adobe Illustrator are preferred in case something needs to be changed or “tweaked.” If you have particular colors you want used, the Pantone or PMS color numbers are sometimes necessary, but not always. In the email, you can type any text that you would like to appear on the label.