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What is the source of your Spring Water?

AppSprings’ water is sourced from multiple springs across the country. Which spring the water is pulled from depends on the geographical location. The majority of our water comes from three springs located in Virginia, Georgia, and right here in South Carolina.


Is bottled water regulated by the government?

Yes! Bottled water is regulated by the federal government’s Food and Drug Administration and is held to a higher level of standards than tap water, which is regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency


What process is used for treating and bottling the Spring Water?

From the spring, the water is filtered several times down to 1 micron after which it passes through multiple 1 micron and granular activated carbon filters to ensure absolute purity. Ozone is used in place of chemicals like chlorine or chloramines, enabling us to provide pure, chemical-free water right up until each bottle is open.


How safe are the plastic bottles you use and are they recyclable?

All of our small bottles and 5-gallon bottles are BPA-free, recyclable, (#1) PET bottles. The myth that water bottles (heated or not) can give you cancer is exactly that, a myth. Click here to view John Hopkins’ own press release discounting the myth.


What is the best way to store bottled water?

The best place to store Spring Water is out of direct sunlight - in a closet, under a table, or at the bare minimum, in a place where the light from a window can not hit the full bottles. Natural Spring Water is just that…natural. If left where UV rays from the sun can hit the water for any length of time, green algae will start to form in the bottle. If this happens, let us know and put a note on the bottle and we will swap it out for a fresh bottle.


What is the storage life of your water?

Bottled Spring Water will remain shelf stable for as long as it is kept out of direct sunlight.


Are there really any differences between bottled water companies?

Absolutely! AppSprings is the ONLY locally owned and operated bottled water company in the Lowcountry. Although we have the largest market share (enabling us to beat or match anyone’s price), unlike our competitors, we do not belong to a larger chain. When you call AppSprings you speak directly with ownership that can give you answers and results, not a call center out of state. Every one of our customers is important to us!


Is there a difference between Spring Water, “drinking water” and distilled water?

Yes, pay attention to labels. If the label says Spring Water, it is just that-Spring Water. If the label says “purified” or “drinking water,” it is often processed tap water. Distilled water is the closest you can get to pure H2O as it does not contain any of the minerals of Spring Water. In addition to Spring Water, AppSprings sells distilled water as well, but mostly to doctor’s offices and industrial companies for equipment since distilled water does not have much of a taste due to its lack of minerals.


How frequently do you deliver water?

Most of our routes are run every two weeks. However, many smaller customers (a few bottles at a time) only require monthly delivery. We can even put you on a will-call basis if you think monthly is too frequent or you are unsure of your usage. Conversely, we have several large customers that are delivered to weekly and even a handful that are delivered to multiple times a week.


How do I let my driver know how much water I need?

If you are a business, the driver will automatically check your inventory and will swap all empty bottles for full ones. If a residence, leave your “empties” outside where the driver can see and get to them, and he will replace them with full bottles. IF you have any special instructions like wanting extra bottles, you can call or email us ahead of time, catch the driver while there, or just leave a note taped to one of the bottles.


Are there any maintenance or installation fees for the bottled water cooler?

No, the monthly rental is all inclusive. If your cooler is giving you problems or even if you just think it is dirty and would like a freshly sanitized unit, give us a call and we will swap it out for you at no additional cost.


What should I do if I see water leaking from the bottom of my cooler?

Take the bottle off immediately and set it outside or in a sink. Then drain a few cups of water from the cooler, and try a fresh bottle. When a cooler leaks water from the bottom, the bottle is almost always the cause. Sometimes the bottles will get minuscule holes or cracks which do not leak when the bottle is sealed. However, once the bottle is placed on the cooler, the bottle loses vacuum and the weight of the water forces itself into the cooler. IF this is the case, put a note on the leaky bottle or call and let us know and your driver will swap out the damaged bottle at no charge. If you are concerned that a leaky bottle could cause damage to your floors, ask about our cooler pans and we will gladly supply you with one at no charge.


What if the cooler stops cooling or heating my water?

If you rent the cooler from us, call (843) 744-3338 or email us at, and we will swap it out for you. If you own the cooler, do the same and we will be glad to set you up with a rental.


Can I return any unused water bottles for a refund?

No, bottled water is a food item. However, you would receive your bottle deposit back ($7.00 per bottle).


What if I notice green algae in my bottle of Spring Water?

Algae is naturally occurring in spring water and some argue it is even good for you. However, if you notice green algae forming in a bottle, it is usually because the Spring Water has been exposed to too much sun light-consider moving your dedicated spot for full bottles to a different location (closet/garage with no windows). Place a note on the bottle and call us at (843) 744-3338, and we will ensure the bottle is replaced.